British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science

Previous Office Holders

The formal composition of the BCTCS Organising Committee was instituted in the Constitution of the BCTCS as adopted in its present form at BCTCS 14 (1998).

Prior to this, however, an elected organising committee of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, additional members (together with past, current, and future Local organisers) had been in effect since BCTCS 5 (1989), and formally agreed at BCTCS 8 (1992). The post of Postgraduate Student representative was created at BCTCS 11 (1995). The title `President’ replaced that of `Chairman’ following the adoption of the BCTCS Constitution at BCTCS 13 (1997).

Chairmen/Presidents of the BCTCS

John Tucker (Leeds, Swansea) 1985-1992
Alan Gibbons (Warwick, Liverpool) 1992-1998
Iain Stewart (Leicester) 1998-1999
Paul E. Dunne (Liverpool) 1999-2001
Chris Tofts (HP Labs Bristol) 2001-2004
Faron Moller (Swansea) 2004-2019
Barnaby Martin (Durham) 2019-

Secretaries of the BCTCS

Mark Jerrum (Edinburgh) 1989-1992
Paul E. Dunne (Liverpool) 1992-1999
Julian Bradfield (Edinburgh) 1999-2005
Graham Hutton (Nottingham) 2005-2011
David Manlove (Glasgow) 2011-2020
Michele Zito (Liverpool) 2020-2023
Oana Andrei (Liverpool) 2023-

Treasurers of the BCTCS

David Rydeheard (Manchester) 1989-1991
Iain Stewart (Newcastle, Swansea, Leicester) 1991-1996
Chris Tofts (Swansea, Leeds, HP Labs Bristol) 1996-2001
Faron Moller (Swansea) 2001-2004
Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (Leicester) 2004-2018
Matthew Hague (Royal Holloway) 2018-2021
Olga Petrovska (Swansea) 2021-

Postgraduate Representatives

Savita Chauhan (Swansea) 1995-1997
Billy Duckworth (Liverpool) 1997-1998
Richard Gault (Leicester) 1998-1999
Mei Lin Hui (Leicester) 1999-2000
Paul Sant (Liverpool) 2000-2003
Corinna Elsenbroich (KCL) 2003-2004
Vladimir Aleksic (KCL) 2004-2005
Joel Wright (Nottingham) 2005-2006
Joachim Baran (Manchester) 2006-2007
Temesghen Kahsai Azene (Swansea) 2007-2008
Haris Aziz (Warwick) 2008-2009
Julian Gutierrez (Edinburgh) 2009-2010
Radhakrishnan DelhiBabu (Anna University, India) 2010-2011
Laurence E. Day (Nottingham) 2011-2012
Andy Lawrence (Swansea) 2012-2013
Augustine Kwanashie (Glasgow) 2013-2014
Pavan Sangha (Liverpool) 2014-2015
Bram Geron (Birmingham) 2015-2016
Thomas van Binsbergen (Royal Holloway) 2016-2017
Frances Cooper (Glasgow) 2017-2018
Sofiat Olaosebikan (Glasgow) 2018-2019
Karl Southern (Durham) 2019-2020
Filippos Pantekis (Swansea) 2020-2021
Michael McKay (Glasgow) 2021-2022
Peace Ayegba (Glasgow) 2022-2023
David Kutner (Glasgow) 2023-2024

Elected Additional Committee Members

Julian Bradfield (Edinburgh) 1992-1998
Chris Tofts (Swansea) 1992-1995
John Stell (Keele) 1995-1998
Achim Jung (Birmingham) 1998-2001
Simon Thompson (UKC) 1998-2001
Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (Glasgow/Stirling) 2001-2004
Carron Shankland (Stirling) 2001-2004
Neil Ghani (Leicester) 2004-2010
David Manlove (Glasgow) 2004-2010
Daniel Paulusma (Durham) 2010-2013
Raphael Clifford (Bristol) 2010-2013
Ian Pratt-Hartmann (Manchester) 2013-2016
Barnaby Martin (Durham) 2015-2019
Michele Zito (Liverpool) 2013-2019
Ulrich Berger (Swansea) 2019-2022
Jessica Enright (Glasgow) 2021-
Eleni Akrida (Durham) 2023-

Committee Members 1985-1992

Before the institution of the current Organising Committee structure at BCTCS 8 in 1992, several people had contributed to the acting BCTCS Organising Committee in capacities other than Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or Local Organiser. The following list includes most of those who were involved at some time between 1985 and 1992, but may not be complete.

Alan Gibbons (Warwick)
Kevin McEvoy (Leeds)
Mike Paterson (Warwick)
Harold Simmons (Aberdeen, LogfIT/SERC)
Rick Thomas (Leicester)
Ben Thompson (Swansea)
Stan Wainer (Leeds)